✨🐂⚙️ ལོ་གསར་སྙན་ངག། LOSAR POETRY⚙️🐂✨| Feb 13 2021

The past year has felt like many. You are invited to join Easy Tibetan, Lekey Leidecker, and friends for a multilingual Losar celebration of poetry on Zoom to bring in the year of the Iron Ox, 2148 with good energy. Saturday, Feb 13 at 4pm BST/11am EST/8am PST. A captioned version of the video for the English portions will be available after the event!

Register here.

Donations accepted for performers and 15% donated to Tibetan Equality Project:
Venmo @Lekey-Leidecker
Cashapp: $LekeyLeidecker

(Photo via Dennis Jarvis, Creative Commons)

[Image description: A black box with a photo of a colorful Tibetan window, a white and brown cat sitting in the bottom left. Gray text at the top reads “Losar Poetry 2/13” in Tibetan and English. A smaller white box with black text reads “Hosted by Easy Tibetan and Lekey Leidecker, 9:30 PM IST, 4 PM BST, 11AM EST, 8AM PST, Register on Zoom: tinyurl.com/LosarPoem]



Opinionated Tibetan American storyteller www.lekeyleidecker.com

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