Announcing Machik Khabda in London | Saturday, March 14th

Lekey Leidecker
2 min readMar 5, 2020


Hello! Are you a/do you care about/do you have some weird vested interest in having an opinion about Tibetan women? Do you live in or near London?

Join us to find out how Tibetan women have been shifting paradigms and changing the world at the first-ever London Machik Khabda on March 14th, 3–5pm (TBA Central London location)! We’ll be honoring Tibetan woman dynamo Gen Huamo Tso and talking about my favorite things: Tibetan women, feminism, and poetry!

Let us know you’re coming at this link and share it with your friends/enemies/LinkedIn connections.

From the Machik Khabda website:

To mark International Women’s Day 2020, we are celebrating the disruptive thought and visionary work of Professor Huamo Tso — poet, scholar and powerful champion of Tibetan women’s empowerment. Resisting conventional interpretations of Tibetan history, Gen Huamo Tso has drawn on the concept of srinmo (སྲིན་མོ་), ogress or demoness, to create important new women’s spaces inside Tibet — through women’s literature, social critique and civic engagement in women’s health and reproductive rights.

From me:

Machik has been Tibetan women led and run for over twenty years. They have shown up for women across the plateau and diaspora that entire time and are continuing to grow. I should know, I worked there! From the beginning, Machik’s programs are pushing our communities to have exciting conversations, consider new possibilities, grow together, and to build the brightest possible future for Tibet.

Khabda (ཁ་བརྡ་ -a word meaning a casual/informal ‘chat’ in Tibetan) is one of Machik’s newest programs at just one year old. Past topics have included Pema Tseden’s contribution to literature, feminist artist icon Pekar Monsal, and Anu Ranglug’s splashy entrance into the music scene. If you live in or can get to London and we’re not all quarantined by then, I truly hope you’ll join me on March 14.




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