Flat Yoga: An Illustrated Essay

Note: This essay was originally published in April 2020 by Z. Ahmed (@mirrorgrl on Instagram), curator of quarantine art series Homebodies and reposted with permission. The call for submissions is still open!

ALSO: This is my first time trying to include alternate text on images, which is to increase accessibility. I would appreciate feedback.

Name: Lekey Leidecker
Hometown: Berea, KY factually; New York City spiritually
Home during COVID-19: North London, UK
Preferred Creative Medium: Words
Favorite Yoga Pose: Viparita Virabhadrasana (reverse warrior)
Best British Phrase: “You f*ckin’ what?!”

5 Quarantine Trends You’ll Sit Out On:

  1. being more productive
  2. producing extensive content about COVID-19 (this is the first and only thing I’ve made about it)
  3. adopting new hobbies/starting new projects
  4. sharing extensively about new hobbies/projects
  5. Tiger King
A background photo of colorful cloths has a white square with a sketch of Big Ben and handwritten text that says: I moved to London at the top of 2020. No job, no network barely familiar with the city.
So, my life in social distancing isn’t that different than before: LOTS of video calls, time alone, writing!!!, cooking for comfort and sustenance
My partner’s work station (and frequent work video calls) happen in the living room —
Words follow the outline of a sketch of someone in warrior one yoga pose and says: so when I want to do YOGA during the day,
A sketch of a rectangle, sides labeled clothes rack, bed, wall, my desk. The handwritten text reads: I am relegated to our bedroom. The floorspace is just big enough for me to lie on my back (corpse pose).
I constantly bump things and make minor movements to adjust for limited space and end up frustrated and overwhelmed just as much as relaxed or energized.
Sketch of a Union Jack flag: My entire time in the UK thus far has felt like this, and the current conditions make things worse.
I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the adaptive brilliance of Tibetans (and others) who have found ways of making home in the face of the unfamiliar.
In the face of uncertainty, fear, and change, I’m remembering that survival is in my DNA, all the ways we are connected, and how HOME is something we build together. The last photo is signed with a drawn heart, the initials LL, and Lekey’s name in Tibetan.



Opinionated Tibetan American storyteller www.lekeyleidecker.com

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